Zero Air Generator

Zero Air Generator from Domnick Hunter

Zero Air Generator

By simply connecting to a clean, dry compressed air supply, a Zero Air Generator will remove hydrocarbons, making it ideal for use in FID applications:

  • THA


  • Improved analytical performance - The reduction of methane (CH4) to less than 0.1 ppm reduces background noise and improves the base line stability. This enables a lower detection limit and hence increases the sensitivity of your analysis
  • Simple installation - From any source of clean, dry compressed air, this generator will provide gas free from any trace of hydrocarbons.
  • Improved Safety - Elimination of high pressure gas cylinders. Only needs compressed air and a standard electrical socket
  • Consistent gas purity improves instrument performance
  • Economy - Quick return on investment typically 1 year. No gas cylinder rental, no price inflation
  • Increased efficiency in the laboratory - 24 hour operation; no interruption of analyses due to gas cylinder replacement. Reduced re-calibration of
  • Recommended by major instrument

Technical Features

  • Elimination of the main contaminants in your
    compressed air, (hydrocarbons including CH4)
    via a heated platinised catalyst
  • Models:
    UHP-10ZA Zero Air Purifier 1L/min
    UHP-35ZA Zero Air Purifier 3.5L/min
    Larger flowrates (up to 50L/min) on request
  • G1/4 air connections
  • Purity < 0.1 ppm (CH4)
  • Quick and easy servicing : changing the filters
    once a year takes just a few minutes

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