Whisper 9000

Make your lab a quiet place, where you are not disturbed by noisy mechnical pumps attached to your GC-MS or LC-MS.

Brechbühler AG has developed the new Whisper 9000 to make your lab a place where you are no longer disturbed by the noise of your Instruments. It is designed to significantly reduce the noise of your mechanical pump. Two internal fans ensure your pump won’t overheat.
The Whisper 9000 silent box allows easy access to the pumps. Just open the front and/or the top cover for full access to the pump. Oil changes and routine maintenance is a quick and easy process.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Silent box Movable on wheels, front door and / or top cover access
  • High quality, environment friendly noise adsorbing material, oil and water resistant.
  • Heat exchange controlled by two internal silent fans, efficient air circulation is guaranteed.
  • Up to two Pumps can bee installed in one Whisper 9000 Silent box
  • Temperature measurement, audible/visual alarm and digital temperature display.
  • Stainless Steel oil tray for each pump separately.
  • No tools are needed to access the pump compartment
  • Easy routine maintenance and oil change can be performed
  • Compatible with Pumps Edwards RV3, RV5, RV8, RV12, E1M18, E2M18
  • Opto eletronical Oil leackage Sensor with audio alarm (optional)

Table of Sound LevelsTo get a feel of decibels, look at the table below which gives values for the sound pressure levels of common sounds in our environment.

Understanding Sound Levels
A sound level change of 1 dB can be detected by the human ear
Decreasing sound by 10 dB results in a 50% sound reduction
A sound at 60 dB is twice as loud as 50 dB

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