Vario Split 9000

Programmable splitter, Choose the ratio between 2 detectors Computer controled

Typically the split between 2 detectors is controlled by the length and diameter of the capillary lines leading to each detector. To get a different split, the hardware must be modified.With the VarioSplit, the ratio is now programmable and can be change by a click of the mouse.

The VarioSplit is based on a dome splitter. One input (from the column), two make up lines and two outputs (to the detectors) are enclosed in a dome. By modulating the flow of the makeup lines the eluent is diverted more toward a detector than the other. The overall flow to the detector remains constant.

Typical ratios (det1:Det2) are programmed such as 100.0%-0% (everything to detector 1), 0-100 (everything to detector 2), 80%-20%, 50%-50% and so on...

The varioSplit is software controlled
Two modes are available:
  - Manual: the user set the ratio by clicking on user set buttons.
  - Automatic: You program the ratios for the run.


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