JASCO has developed the FVS-6000 high performance VCD spectrometer with the most advanced DSP electronics and auto-alignment mechanism. The FVS-6000 not only allows you to easily obtain fingerprint VCD spectra, but also has several unique features such as a measurement range extension Option. 


The VFT-4000 is a VCD attachment for the FT/IR-4000/6000 FT-IR spectrometer developed for measuring vibrational circular dichroism in the infrared region. The VFT-4000 allows to obtain very useful information for optical activity of carbohydrates which do not have any absorption in UV-Vis region and tertiary structure identification of molecules.  The VFT-4000 can be easily installed into the FT/IR-4000/6000 in the field without any complicated adjustments.



  • Wide band coverage - Covers a wide spectral range from 3200 ~ 850 cm-1 as standard. Optional detectors and filters can extend the range to 4000 ~ 750 cm-1, enabling the measurement of OH and NH bands. Detectors can be easily exchanged with no manual alignment, and optical filters can be switched by PC-controlled 6-position filter wheel.
  • Narrow band mode - The narrow band mode allows measurements of small peaks at targeted absorption bands with high sensitivity by using optional band filters
  • Variety of sample cells - A thermostatted cell holder, 3-position autosampler, and range of small-volume liquid cells are available as options.
  • Spectra Manager II - Cross-platform for all JASCO spectrometers, offers quick and easy VCD data acquisition and analysis. Theoretically calculated VCD intensities from a commercially available calculation software can be plotted as simulated spectra to be compared with the experimental data for further tertiary structure analysis of molecules.

Sensitivity and Stability

  • Optimized optics - reduced polarization effects
  • VCD Auto alignment - reduces linear anisotropy artifacts
  • Lock in detection by DSP - Improved S/N
  • Purge Capability - Environment free high precision data

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