TubeTAG™: Sorbent tube tagging & tracking for ultimate sample traceability


TubeTAG: A significant advance in sorbent tube informatics

TubeTAG is a patented*, powerful and unique tool for tracking thermal desorption tubes used for air monitoring and other applications.



The product consists of RFID tag assemblies for attaching onto individual sorbent tubes, a tag reader / writer (TAGSCRIBE) and software.

The numerous benefits include:

  • Failsafe tracking of samples from field to laboratory and within a laboratory
  • Enhanced "monitoring" of individual sorbent tubes for GLP and analytical QA
  • Simplified work flow and enhanced productivity
  • Reduced risk of error
  • Wide range of tube types accommodated

Sample and tube history automatically recorded

Using tags in tube-specific mode requires a Tag-ready ULTRA-UNITY system for both analytical thermal desorption and tube conditioning. Tag-ready ULTRA-UNITY systems are compabible with tagged tubes. Tags can also be removed from the tubes using a special tool if required e.g. to allow stringent off-line tube conditioning and / or TD analysis on other systems. Removed tags can be subsequently replaced on the same or different tubes.


Keeping the tag on the same tube makes it easy to track the history of that tube - number of thermal cycles, back pressure during sampling, when the tube needs repacking, etc. Tags can be used indefinitely; more than 500 thermal cycles on a Tag-ready ULTRA-UNITY system.

TubeTAG software: Data entry and data logging

TubeTAG software allows the user a high degree of flexibility in operation.  There are administrator and user levels for data access, extensive administrator defined editing options and data protection functionality built in. The history of each tag is stored in a database for subsequent data tracking.

The software allows the following information to be entered and tracked:


Unique tube identification: Tube serial number, sorbent packing & packing date for ease of tracking and GLP.

Sample-specific information: For example: Project name, billing code and TD method.

Sampling related information: The use of either pumped or diffusive sampling, sample start and end times, pump flow rates and also a limited amount of free text

Tube information: For example: Tube status (conditioned, sampled, desorbed) and number of thermal cycles.

TubeTAG: Mode of operation

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