TriPlus 300 Headspace Autosampler

Offers high-throughput volatiles determinations and reliable operations with unparalleled flexibility


Triplus 300 Headspace Autosampler

Triplus 300 Headspace Autosampler

The new Thermo Scientific TriPlus 300 Headspace Autosampler is designed for fast start-up, high productivity, and flexibility for analyzing organic volatiles. Combined with the user-configurable Thermo Scientific* TRACE* 1300 Series gas chromatographs and supported by a range of chromatography data systems that offer comprehensive system control, the TriPlus 300 HS autosampler delivers unprecedented productivity and accelerated analytical results within the laboratory workflow.



Throughput of the new TriPlus 300 valve-and-loop headspace autosampler is enhanced by its 120-vial sample tray capacity and large 18-vial incubation oven overlap capacity, enabling long, unattended, high-throughput sequences. Sample integrity is protected and carryover effects are mitigated because the entire sample path of the TriPlus 300 Headspace autosampler is chemically inert. With its wide range of operating temperatures, in which all of the heated zones of the headspace unit which can be set between 300 and 3000C, the instrument can handle delicate biological samples and labile analytes, while still being well-suited for the rapidly growing high-temperature headspace applications.

Valve and loop Technology

Equilibration mode



Vial is heated at constant temperature for a fixed time. Shake levels can be selected. GC is running (acquiring the previous sample).

Pressurization mode



Vial septum is pierced. Aux gas pressurizes the vial. GC still independent


Leak check:


During the pressure equilibration time of 0.2 min, the system performs an automatic vial leak check to ensure sample integrity.

Loopfill mode

Loop Fill:


Vial overpressure fills the sampling loop while excess is expelled through the Vent valve after a certain time or at the loop pressure value. GC flow still independent

Injection mode



Switching Valve rotates; carrier gas intercepts the sampling loop, transferring its content to the GC column through the transfer line. GC analysis starts.

Vial Venting mode

Vial Venting:


If selected, the residual pressure into the vial is automatically eliminated.

Purge mode



Vial is returned to tray. Aux gas at 100 mL/min for one minute flows through the sampling valve, loop, needle, and Vent valve EV3 to prevent carryover. Purge can be further extended by the user.

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