Integrated Sampling System


A step ahead in automated sampling

The quality of gas chromatography results depends on many factors – the stability
of the gas chromatograph, the ruggedness and sensitivity of the detector, and the
skill of the chemist in executing the proper sample workflow. Within this process,
sample preparation and introduction provide the foundation for repeatability and
reliability that are essential for quality data.

The Thermo Scientific TriPlus RSH autosampler utilizes robotic sample handling
to expand automated capabilities beyond liquid, headspace and solid-phase
microextraction (SPME) injections to advanced sample handling cycles. Your results
benefit from improved precision and reproducibility, while your laboratory gains unique advantages from the system’s unattended operations and sample handling flexibility.

Exceptional Precision

  • Reproducible performance
  • Automate basic sample and
    standards preparation
  • Accuracy you can count on

Unmatched Exceptional Precision Flexibility

  • Scalable capabilities to expand
    GC and GC-MS application range
  • Accurate micro-sample injections
  • Match techniques to sample types

Ultimate Productivity

  • Large sample capacities
  • Designed for full unattended
    24/7 operation
  • Rugged tireless operations

expand productivity and sample handling with unique and powerful capabilities

Experience seamless operation with the
innovative automatic syringe exchanger

In the modern laboratory, basic sample handling tasks, including standard or stock sample dilutions, internal standard addition and derivatization, require manual pipetting of precise amounts of products before any dilution or chemical reaction occurs. To accurately automate all of these steps, the TriPlus RSH™ autosampler offers a new and innovative ATC (Automatic Tool Change) capability. The ATC feature enables the user to set up a sequence using up to six different syringes, automatically loaded by the autosampler to accurately perform dilutions, calibrations, and sample injections. The ability to exchange syringes for different tasks enables high precision sample-handling in a single, unattended sequence prior to automated sample injection. Developed for increased analytical flexibility and lab productivity, this unique capability automates complex sample preparation and injection workflows, thus eliminating human error. Combination of these features within one single unit, integrated on GC and GC-MS systems, saves precious lab space.

Expand unattended operations and productivity
with unprecedented sample capacity

Unequivocal lab throughput is attainable by using the largest sample capacity available for an autosampler. A maximum of 648, 2 mL vials combined with multiple 100 mL wash/waste bottles, on the TriPlus RSH autosampler, enable week-end long unattended operations – a goal not attainable with most other sampling systems currently on the market.

Sequences can be developed in which one autosampler serves multiple GC systems, further expanding lab productivity. This feature enables the powerful combination of screening on a single GC or GC-MS system while simultaneously performing positive confirmation/quantitation on another GC-MS or GC-MS/MS system.
Further productivity is achieved by utilizing various injection modes that match techniques to sample types. Liquid, Headspace and SPME injections can all be used within a single sequence, running unattended with the use of the ATC capability, switching the syringe tool automatically as needed.

increased automation and error-free sample handling

Move beyond automated sample injections to more advanced tasks,
such as sample preparation, dilutions, standard curve generation, and
derivatization routines by taking advantage of the newest technology
in sample handling systems.

Integrated software control for quick setup and intuitive sample workflow

The TriPlus RSH instrument control – from installation and setup to the most complex sequence – is fully embedded on standard Thermo Scientific Chromatography Data Systems (CDS.) GC-MS operations run smoothly with integrated TriPlus RSH autosampler controls on Thermo Scientific Xcalibur software.

Three basic setup screens (available on all Thermo Scientific software platforms), easily guide the setting of TriPlus RSH parameters for Liquid, Headspace and SPME methods. Despite the large number of configurations and options offered within the basic injection modes, instrument setup and methods are created quickly with just a few mouse clicks. Sample preparation cycles are available as add-ons through pre-compiled sequences with application descriptions.

Methods and sequences can be developed and run locally or remotely through the use of a convenient network card. A virtual terminal, fully integrated within the same software control, completely mimics the physical handheld controller and enables easier installation and initial setup.