TSQ 9000 Triple Quadrupole GC-MS

Unstoppable GC-MS/MS Analysis


Routine laboratories working in food, environmental and forensic/toxicology analysis face a dynamic environment of changing regulatory requirements, lower detection levels, more compounds, less time, lower margins and increased competition. In short, they need their analytical systems to be unstoppable.


The Thermo Scientific™ TSQ™ 9000 GC-MS/MS system is a GC triple quadrupole platform designed to revolutionize laboratory productivity by delivering unprecedented levels of performance, ease-of-use and uptime, with the ultimate goal of facilitating the reduction of costper- sample in the high-throughput environment.


Unlike other systems, the TSQ 9000 GC-MS/MS system offers laboratories the opportunity to select best-in-class SRM performance, even for high capacity methods, whilst still benefiting from increased analytical robustness.


The TSQ 9000 GC-MS/MS system is uniquely placed to offer truly scalable performance that addresses increasingly challenging regulatory requirements, as well as providing effective ease-of-use tools to deliver consistent, class leading results, by both experienced and newer users.


Unstoppable sensitivity

Unstoppable sensitivity means incredible sensitivity delivered robustly, in routine. The TSQ 9000 GC-MS/MS system can deliver high sensitivity for more routine analysis through the renowned, highly robust Thermo Scientific™ ExtractraBrite™ ion source technology. For the highest level of sensitivity, the ultra-robust Thermo Scientific™ Advanced Electron Ionization (AEI) source can be configured to reach into the attogram range of instrument detection limits, unlocking new possibilities for your laboratory.

ExtractaBrite Ion Source

Robust, rugged electron ionization (EI) and chemical ionization (CI) performance – proven in routine applications in the Thermo Scientific™ ISQ™ GC-MS systems and TSQ™ 8000 GC-MS/MS systems. 

Fully removable without breaking vacuum, when used with the vacuum probe interlock (VPI) technology, for maintenance or switching to chemical ionization (CI).

Advanced Electron Ionization (AEI) Source

Discover the new ultra-robust, ultimate sensitivity electron ionization source available in a dedicated TSQ 9000 configuration. It features a highly efficient ionization of analytes and a more tightly focused ion beam, driving down instrument detection limits and assuring a higher level of robustness against possible contamination.


Thanks to the new AEI source, it is much easier to tackle the most challenging applications, as well as relieve matrix pressure on the analytical system, through the reduction of concentration steps in sample preparation. Because of its unique design, the AEI source woffers an extended robustness grade.

Unstoppable design

ExtractaBrite ion sources and probes are removable without requiring a break in the vacuum, and they enable you to perform MS and MS/MS experiments on solids in real time while effortlessly switching between electron ionization (EI) and chemical ionization (CI).

Unstoppable scalability

In an evolving environment, it is difficult to clearly see what challenges lie ahead with your analysis.

In order to be ready for the future, choosing a flexible GC triple quadrupole system can make all the difference.

The TSQ 9000 GC-GC/MS system has been designed to allow a full upgrade path from base to advanced configurations, boosting flexibility and performance anytime you need it.

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