TRACE 1600 Series

  • Maximized instrument productive time
  • Simplified operations for quick adoption
  • Lower cost of ownership

Experience the efficiency of a GC system that is always ready to run.

Maximize the operational efficiency and profitability of your lab with the Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ 1600 Series Gas Chromatograph and its unique modular concept for optimized instrumental usage. The TRACE 1610 GC is designed to enhance the workflow experience for both new and expert users through its advanced multi-functional touch screen with instrument health monitoring and how-to videos. The TRACE 1600 GC is designed for minimum interaction with the instrument, limiting the local operations to the essentials and enabling full instrument control through the chromatography data system.

Ultimate Productivity

  • Keep your GC system up and running even when deeper cleaning is required, thanks to the offline maintenance capabilities of the iConnect injector and detector modules
  • Optimize the use of GC instruments in the lab and avoid having idle systems with interchangeable iConnect injector and detector modules
  • Avoid unplanned downtime through alerts on consumables usage
  • Reduce run time and system contamination through integrated backflush capabilities
  • Extend unattended operations through a full portfolio of sampling automation products

Simplified operations

  • Facilitate operations through how-to videos directly available on the local touch-screen interface
  • Easily adapt the GC system configuration to your needs in minutes without special tools or training requirements with iConnect injector and detector modules, also available for online purchasing and one day delivery
  • Simplify troubleshooting operations through quick replacement of iConnect injector and detector modules, without the need for service calls
  • Make capillary column installation quick and safe through tool-free Thermo Scientific™ iConnect Column Lock connectors

Lower costs

  • Reduce operational costs with a GC system that allows the use of standard consumables
  • Save energy with low thermal mass and a quick start-up
  • Reduce helium carrier gas consumption while operating with a SSL injector