TRACE 1300 Series

  • The productivity you need
  • the performance you want
  • powerful breakthroughs
  • for increased productivity and performance

Innovating routine analysis, redefining GC usability

The new Thermo Scientific TRACE 1300 Series GC is the first and only gas Chromatograph featuring user-exchangeable miniaturized, plug-in injectors and detectors that redefine usability in routine and high-throughput laboratories. This modular design provides instant accessibility to injectors and detectors, eliminating maintenance downtime and enabling the user to quickly tailor instrument capability to specific applications and daily workload. Experience the ground-breaking performance and productivity delivered by the TRACE™ 1300 Series GC system.

Ultimate Productivity

A quantum jump in lab productivity is provided by:

  • Easy adoption of standard GC methods - Eliminate the difficulties of method development during start-up with the aid of enhanced injectors, integrated electronic gas control (IEC) and an easy-touch, icon-driven instrument interface, no matter how complex the analytical method.
  • Increased robustness of Injector technology - Reduce sample clean-up prior to the analysis and exploit the time-saving benefit of the injector backflush.
  • Shorter sample cycle time - Ensure fast cycle time with low thermal mass injectors and detectors, combined with the "1000-holes" fast GC oven proprietary technology.
  • Unmatched detector sensitivity in trace analysis -
    A completely new range of micro volume GC detectors, ideal for trace analysis, to limit sample re-concentration requirements or reduce injected sample amount. For positive detection and identification, the most advanced range of mass spectrometers complement conventional GC detectors.
  • Seamless automation - Automate analyses with liquid, headspace and solid-phase micro extraction (SPME) injections and sample preparation cycles with the most modern robotic sample handling.
  • Scalable, simply intelligent chromatography data system -
    Efficiently analyze data with full Thermo Scientific Dionex Chromeleon Chromatography Data System compatibility.

Invest for the Future

A substantial reduction of ownership costs is ensured by:

  • Tailorable GC configurations - Proprietary user-exchangeable plug-in injectors and detector modules offer budget-conscious laboratories the flexibility to start with a single channel instrument investment with the opportunity to expand to multi-injector/ detector configurations. Accommodate new applications or increased throughput requirements simply by installing new modules within two minutes.
  • Reduced training requirements - Install the system with minimal effort. Just easily plug-in injector and detector modules and connect gases. The icon-driven touch screen or intuitive Thermo Scientific Dionex Chromeleon software guides the instrument and method set-up instantaneously.
  • Smart maintenance - Access injectors and detectors with minimal effort using unprecedented tool-free options and eliminate any downtime during maintenance with back-up injectors and detector modules.
  • Consumable adaptability - Compatible with existing standard consumables to reduce inventory costs in the laboratory populated by multiple GC brands.
  • Energy-saving - Limit power usage during operations with reduced instrument thermal mass allowing quick start-up.
  • Minimal sample and solvent consumption - Optimize sample and solvent usage with the powerful combination of large volume and back-flush capabilities of injectors, extraordinary detector sensitivity and micro-volume sample-handling with robotic automation.


Instant Connect (IC) Injectors and Detectors

With the TRACE 1300 Series GC, changing the configuration requires only two minutes, just the time needed to remove three screws and put the new injector or detector module in place.


With these proprietary Thermo Scientific "Instant Connect" (IC) modules, special training, dedicated tools or on-site service engineers are not required to tailor the GC configuration to your workload or to run a specific method. This unique modularity design offers the following advantages to the operator:

  • Exceptional throughput - Upgrade a GC from single to multiple channels to satisfy rapid incremental business needs and enhance laboratory productivity
  • Postpone preventive maintenance for continuous operations -Remove contaminated injector/detector bodies, replace them with clean ones and start running samples in a few minutes while programming basic maintenance when the laboratory schedule allows

Trace 1300 clone mode capabillity

TRACE 1300 Series GC and TriPlus RSH the system can work in clone mode, 1 Triplus can Inject in up to 4 Injectors


Trace 1300 Auxiliary Oven

Additional module coupled with TRACE 1300/1310 GC


  • Primary Oven Chamber
  • Secondary Column Oven (optional and alternative to methanizer) to keep columns at lower temperature when using high temperature valves
  • Methanizer (optional and alternative to secondary oven)
  • 2 additional Instant Connect detectors can be installed, with 10 Hz acquisition speed
  • External Connections for Sampling (Front)
  • External Connections for Sampling (Back)