ACTI-VOC sampling pump

ACTI-VOC is a robust low-flow pump for sampling vapour-phase organic compounds (VOCs) onto sorbent tubes for subsequent analysis by thermal desorption (TD).


Being lightweight, easy-to-use and intrinsically safe, ACTI-VOC is ideal for personal monitoring and a wide range of other air and gas sampling applications.


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Universal Direct Inlet

Universal Direct Inlet Accessory (U-INLET™).

The Universal Direct Inlet Accessory can be added to any manual UNITY TD platform (series 1 or 2). It provides a simple and convenient mechanism for direct introduction of headspace vapours from a wide range of bulk sample containers.


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Calibration Solution Loading Rig

Key TD standard methods (e.g. ISO 16017 and US EPA Method TO-17) recommend that liquid- and gas-phase standards are loaded onto the sampling end of clean sorbent tubes in a stream of carrier gas using unheated apparatus.



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Easy-VOC™ grab-sampler

Easy-VOC allows the rapid ‘grab-sampling’ of up to 1000 mL air/gas samples directly onto sorbent tubes, without the need for calibrated pumps or complicated mass flow control equipment.

Typical 50–200 mL Easy-VOC sampling volumes are ideal for monitoring workplace and industrial atmospheres, and are also suitable for many urban and indoor air monitoring applications (depending on the sensitivity of your TD–GC(MS) system).


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Bio-VOC™ breath sampler

Based on pioneering work carried out at the UK Health & Safety Laboratory Markes’ Bio-VOC breath sampler is a simple-to-use device designed for non-invasive biological exposure monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).










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FLEC® - Field and Laboratory Emission Cell

The Field and Laboratory Emission Cell (FLEC®) is used for testing VOC emissions from planar materials and coatings in compliance with international standard methods. It offers a low-cost and easy-to-use alternative to conventional, large scale emission chambers.


The FLEC® is widely used in product development, industrial quality control and in environmental monitoring for sources of indoor air pollution.



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VOC-Mole™ Soil Probe

The VOC-Mole is used to screen for volatile and semi-volatile organics in contaminated land. It easily pinpoints underground leaks or surface spills and cost effectively tracks pollution flow.

VOC-Moles may be arranged in a grid pattern over the site of interest. Organic pollutants migrate into the probe to be collected on sorbent tubes inside. Subsequent analysis is by thermal desorption-GC. A profile of pollution levels over a large site can then be built up.



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TubeTAG™: RFID tagging & tracking

Sorbent tube RFID tagging & tracking for ultimate sample traceability


TubeTAG is a patented, powerful and unique tool for tracking thermal desorption tubes used for air monitoring and other applications.

The product consists of RFID tag assemblies for attaching onto individual sorbent tubes, a tag reader/writer (TAGSCRIBE) and software.



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