Separate the entire polarity spectrum

Much like a carpenter needs a good set of tool, analytical chemists need a column toolbox to resolve closely related analytes.

The Synergi column line eliminates the guesswork, simplifying HPLC column selection. Each column phase provides optimized performance over a specific polarity range. Whether you are looking to develop a new method or improve an existing one, try it first on a Synergi column (2.5 µm , 4 µm and 10 µm particles available).


Improved polar selecitivity with reduced run times

  • Enhanced polar retention under organic conditions
  • Low MS bleed
  • 1.5-10 pH stable for rugged methods
  • 100% aqueous stable

Maximum reversed phase performance

  • Hydrophobic retention similar to a C18-but it’s a C12
  • 25% more free silanol coverage than most C18 columns
  • Sharper peaks for basic and tailing compounds
  • Reproducible performance from pH 1.5-10

» Try Gemini C18 if you are looking for a C18-column with higher pH stability

Hydro-phobic/philic reversed phase retention


  • Extreme retention of hydrophobic compounds
  • Stable in 100% aqueous mobile phase
  • Improved polar selectivity

Polar and aromatic reversed phase selectivity


  • Increased retention of highly polar and aromatic compounds
  • Stable in 100% buffer mobile phases
  • Highly reproducible

» Try Gemini C6-Phenyl if you are looking for a Phenyl-column with higher pH stability and less polarity


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