JASCO Corporation was founded in 1958 to meet the growing demand for optical spectroscopy instrumentation. Today, JASCO manufactures a wide range of UV-Vis/NIR, FT-IR, Fluorescence, Raman and related spectroscopic instrumentation. JASCO is also the world leader in the field of Circular Dichroism Spectropolarimeters.


NRS-5100 Series

The NRS-5000/7000 Series of bench top, singly dispersive micro-Raman Spectrometers

Microscope IRT 5000/7000

Microscope IRT 5000/7000

FTIR 4000/6000 Series

FT/IR 4000/6000 Series



V-600 Series UV/VIS

The V-700 series consists of five distinct models

FP-8000 Series

The FP-8000 series meets the demands of both research and routine analysis

P-2000 Digital Polarimeter

P-2000 Digital Polarimeters

J-1500 Spectrometer

The latest effort in the JASCO commitment to lead the field of 

Circular Dichroism.

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