Markes International offers an extensive range of sorbents commonly used for thermal desorption applications.


Markes staff have considerable experience in recommending specific sorbents or combinations of sorbents for individual vapour monitoring applications.  If you are unsure about which sorbent to use or would like confirmation of your choice of sorbent(s), please download our applications enquiry form now, for recommendations tailor made to your application.


Generally sorbents are classified as porous polymers, modified carbon blacks, carbonised molecular sieves, molecular sieves or resins and the range that are available includes (but is not limited to):


  • Tenax® TA and Tenax® GR
  • Chromosorb 106™, Chromosorb 102™ and other Chromosorb Century series sorbents
  • Poropak Q™, Poropak N™, Poropak S and other Poropak series sorbents
  • HayeSep D™, and other HayeSep series sorbents
  • Carbopack B™, Carbotrap™, Carbopack C™, Carbotrap C™, Carbopack X™, GCB1™, Carbograph 1TD™, Carbograph 2TD™, Carbograph 3TD™, Carbograph 5TD™ and other graphitised carbon black sorbents
  • Carbosieve SIII™, Carboxen 1000™, Carboxen 569™, UniCarb™ (formerly known as Spherocarb™) and other carbonised molecular sieves
  • Molecular Sieve 5Å and Molecular Sieve 13X
  • Silica Gel, XAD-2 and other resins

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