Solvent Degasser

Degassing of mobile phases is an essential element of reliable system performance. Degassing has traditionally been performed by helium sparging or ultrasonication; both of these methods are inefficient and time consuming, compared to vacuum degassing.



Degassex™ Solvent Degasser

  • improves chromatographic accuracy and precision
  • improves flow rate stability
  • reduces detector noise level
  • Stabilizes baseline

improved 4-Channel System

The Degassex DG-4400 is placed in line between the solvent reservoir and the pump(s). Solvent is drawn through the unit by the HPLC pump and is degassed by vacuum filtration of dissolved gases across a Teflon® membrane. The efficiency exceeds that of all other methods tested. The Degassex contains four solvent input channels, allowing degassing of up to four individual mobile
phases. It can be used with one HPLC system, or with multiple HPLC systems in the same vicinity, or connected in series with one system for even greater degassing efficiency.


General information
The metal-free Degassex DG-4400 is one of the most compact units on the market and exhibits a very small pressure drop across the inlet and outlet valves. With an integral universal power supply, the unit will operate from a line voltage source of 100 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, without selecting the line voltage. Degassex is an excellent choice for effective and reliable in-line degassing of all your HPLC solvents – at a very economical price.

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