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Intelligent Automation for Sample Preparation

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PAL Sample Control is the control software for efficiently automating any sample preparation steps with the PAL RTC robot systems and will be delivered with every system.
Numerous interfaces, for example to Xcalibur, ChemStation, Analyst and MassHunter, guarantee integration into existing chromatography data systems (CDS). The software exchanges data with other systems and controls all of the processes. Based on intelligent time management the software considerably increases the throughput of the analytical systems.
While the analysis is running the next sample preparation is already taking place. The software truly simplifies sample prep by making many of the tasks such as creation of methods or sample lists very easy.

Time Schedules

Time Schedule

After submitting the sample list the software automatically calculates the optimized schedule for run times. The result of this calculation will be shown graphically. The acutal status will always be displayed either as a gaph or in a table. By clicking on " Start" the first of the calculated schedules will be started. Further schedules will be started when the previous one is finished. Priority sample can be added at any point in time during the run.

Method Editor

Method Editor

Applicable with more then ten CDS, methods can be prepared in straightforward simple way by using prepared tasks. The sample list can be created with the methods in flexible but still simple way. Subsequently it can be passed on to the analytical systems.
Applicable with most common CDS systems.

Supported CDS and MS-Data Systems

  • Analyst
  • ChemStation
  • Chromcard
  • ChromPerfect
  • ChromQuest
  • Clarity
  • Empower 2
  • EZChrom
  • MassHunter for GCMS
  • QuanLab
  • Xcalibur

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