ATR Pro ONE View

The ATR Pro ONE View uses the latest 

high-throughput diamond prism for sample 

measurement and observation directly 

through the prism. The observed image 

is combined with spectral data and collected 

automatically.The ATR Pro ONE View system 

uses the simplicity of ATR to measure very 

small samples with detailed observation for 

accurate sample positioning with a permanent 

record of the measurement location.


System highlights:

•  Measurement range 10,000 to 300 cm-1 (30 cm-1 as an option) 

•  High clarity sample observation with picture recorded in the sample spectrum file

•  Measure samples as small as 50 to 100 µm

DR PRO410-M Diffuse reflectance accessory

The DR PRO410-M measures the diffuse reflectance of incident radiation focused on a sample. It is possible to measure 13 samples with a background by keeping purge.  Applications include powder samples, rough solid surfacs, micro-samples, qualitative analysis of HPLC elusions and the study of substances adhered to powder surfaces.


  • 14-position sample holder
  • Full purge capability
  • Coated mirror surface

RAS-PRO410-H Grazing angle reflectance accessory

The most common angle of incidence for grazing angle accessories is eighty degrees because the accessory throughput is limited and it is difficult for a standard FT-IR instrument to utilize an incidence angle more than eighty degree.  The enhanced throughput of the JASCO FT/IR-4000/6000 series allows the use of a high throughput RAS-PRO410-H grazing angle reflection accessory with an incident angle of 85 degree due to the high SNR performance of these instruments.  The results demonstrate a greater than 3 times higher sensitivity than a standard grazing angle accessory.


  • 85 incident angle with no mirror
  • Full purge capability
  • Coated mirror surface

FT-Raman Accessory RFT-6000

The JASCO Model RFT-6000 FT-Raman accessory is designed for quick, non-destructive FT-Raman analysis of virtually any sample when used in conjunction with the JASCO Model FT/IR-6300 spectrometer. Unlike dispersive Raman spectroscopy where spectra are normally measured using an excitation wavelength in the visible range, FT-Raman spectroscopy virtually eliminates fluorescence from the sample itself or sample impurities. FT-Raman spectroscopy also eliminates the tedious sample preparation sometimes required by FT-IR techniques. Eliminating these barriers drastically expands the potential for FT-Raman analysis to a wide variety of applications.


The near-infrared excitation of the RFT-6000 offers higher powered lasers to be used without photo degradation of the sample. The ability to co-add successive sample scans for the Fourier Transform technique compensates for the loss of sensitivity inherent to the weak Raman signals. The gold coated optical surfaces of the FT/IR-6300 enhance the sensitivity of the RFT-6000 allowing analysis of a wide variety of sample types and meeting the needs of a greater number of scientists.


  • Air cooled laser source 1064 nm
  • Laser interlock system
  • IR and Raman spectra can be measured utilizing the same hardware
  • Easy switching to and from Micro mode
  • Optional mapping facility for Micro mode
  • Horizontal sample stage for simple sampling