Centri ® Fully automated multi-mode sampling and concentration system for GC–MS.

Built using best-in-class robotic automation and harnessing a versatile, modular design, Centri allows unattended sampling and pre-concentration of VOCs and SVOCs in liquid, solid and gaseous samples, and is compatible with all major brands of GC–MS. 


Available options include…

  • HiSorb™ high-capacity sorptive extraction
  • HS & HS–trap
  • Thermal desorption
  • SPME & SPME–trap

 ...all on ONE INSTRUMENT...


The key enabling innovation at the heart of Centri is a robust cryogen-free focusing device for GC–MS.

Drawing on Markes’ 20 years of experience, this powerful technology optimises analytical sensitivity and improves system stability by allowing selective elimination of water and other interferences.



Enhanced productivity and sensitivity

Unrivalled trap technology


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