Working safely with dangerous fluids


The safety of our customers and the quality of our products rank first in our company‘s directives. Therefore, we practice continuous improvement, controlled by our certified quality management system. That way, every customer benefits from the latest developments and innovations for occupational safety in the laboratory.

Developing our products demands accurate team work of all disciplines and
from each participant. This starts from the challenge, material selection and
design all the way to the first applied testing.

SCAT Europe products are practical, perfect in handling and easy to use.
This philosophy is represented by all of our products.


Safe Fluid Supply

SCAT Safety Caps avoid unfiltered escape of hazardous vapours and keep your containers sealed safely - especially during liquid extraction.

Safe Disposal of liquids

The exhaust filter absorbs 99% of all volatile gases and avoids unfiltered escape of hazardous vapours. Find appropriate Waste Caps for most available container sizes and tubings.

Level Control

Safe monitoring of fluid levels - mechanical and electronic. Reliable protection against overflow and process interruptions by empty reservoirs. Available in multiple combinations, suitable for use with any chemicals!

Safety Funnels

High quantities of liquid waste have to be disposed safely and without environment pollution. Escaping vapours are reliably blocked by SCAT Safety Funnels.

Exhaust Filters

These special filters absorb 99% of all escaping vapours . The filters are used together with Safety Waste Caps. They can be easily exchanged and renewed by the SCAT modular system.


Chemical resistant consumables and accessories, making your daily work easier. This way, Safety Caps can easily be customized for any application in your laboratory, plant stations or repositories.

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