Safety Caps

Vapours and gases of hazardous liquids can cause damage to your health and to your environment. Bottles and containers with unsafe contents always have to be sealed reliably to avoid health hazards and environment pollution. SCAT Safety Caps avoid unfiltered escape of hazardous vapours and keep your containers sealed safely - especially during liquid extraction.

Safety Caps Function

The integrated air valve avoids escape of hazardous vapours and cares for pressure equalization during fluid extraction. Available with different tubing ports.

High-class manufacturing and chemical resistand materials assure maximum safety even when using aggressive organic solvents.


Safety Caps (for GL45 bottles)

Safe venting for pressure equalization by integrated air valve during the solvent supply. Protection against hazardous solvent vapours.

Safety Caps with Shut-off (for GL45 Bottles)

Remove or exchange your reservoirs easily by using the shut-off to stop the liquid flow. Especially recommended for HPLC use.

Available with multiple connectors. Standard cap size GL45 - adapters for other sizes are available!

Safety Caps for GL80 Wide Neck Bottles

Safe solvent supply, now also available for wide neck bottles with GL80 thread.

Safety Caps for Ground Neck Bottles

For ground neck bottles with 29/32mm diameter. With counter nut for easy removal even after long time of use.

Adapters for other Thread Sizes

Safety Caps can be used with any available containers. Simply choose the convenient adapter for your container's thread size.

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