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Today, analytical pyrolysis encompasses much more than simple flash pyrolysis of polymeric materials. Virtually any material (liquid or solid) can be characterized using an array of techniques, which are designed into a modern day, Multi-functional Pyrolysis System. Consider how these techniques can help you quickly solve the most difficult analytical challenge:

• Pyrolysis (PY)


• Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA)


• Multi-step Thermal Desorption (TD)


• Thermal Desorption followed by Pyrolysis (Double-Shot)


•  UV Irradiation


Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer EGA/PY-3030D

Frontier Laboratories’ new Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer EGA/PY-3030D is based upon the proven superiority of their patented vertical micro furnace, but everything else is new. A low mass ceramic heater heats and cools quickly. The needle interface has been re-designed to ensure thermal uniformity. The temperature control algorithm literally guarantees temperature reproducibility (±0.1°C) and the operating software has a number of new amazing features. The concept is sound, the design is simple and the engineering first class.

Single-Shot Pyrolyzer PY-3030S

Pyrolysis allows the analysis of small amounts of polymeric samples in a wide variety of forms including insoluble and composite materials without pretreatments and provides unique information that otherwise cannot be obtained. Py-GC is a very useful and powerful analytical technique for polymer characterization. Using the flash pyrolysis (Single-Shot technique), a sample is placed in a sample cup (Eco-cup), which is held initially at room temperature.The Eco-cup is then dropped into the pyrolysis furnace, which is held at a precisely set high temperature.A pyrogram is obtained by introducing the resulting pyrolyzates into a GC separation column.

Auto-Shot Sampler AS-1020E

The AS-1020E has been developed to allow multiple samples to analyze in spectrum of application areas such as polymer chemistry,quality control, forensic science, environmental research, and food chemistry. This equipment provides significant cost savings by reducing the workload and great improvement in the reliability of analysis results.



• up to 48 samples

• Comfortable Operation by PC control

• Eliminates variations owning to operators

• Sample cup introduction and retrieval after analysis

Selective Sampler SS-1010E

With this device installed, any set of peaks in the Evolved Gas Analysis curve obtained by Multi-Shot Pyrolyzer or Thermogravimetry (TG) can be heart-cut, and solvent peaks and high-boiling species can also be removed. The technique also eliminates flow path contaminations with polar species, and tars on the metal surfaces. 


• Heart-Cutting Desired Peaks

• Flow Switching System
• Simple Construction with Easy Installation

Micro-UV Irradiator UV-1047Xe

Weather-induced degradation tests of polymeric material usually requires weeks or months to complete. Frontier Laboratory's new Micro-UV irradiator uses a Xenon lamp to provide UV light intensity about 2000 times stronger than that of a deuterium lamp. This reduces the time necessary to acquire meaningful data reflecting the degradation of the sample.



• Wavelength range: 280 - 450nm [Xe arc lamp]
• Light intensity: >700 mW/cm2
• Light intensity control: 0 - 100% (1% step)

• Irradiation time: 1 min – 999 hours (1 min step)

MicroJet Cryo-Trap MJT-1035E

Chromatography is dramatically improved using cyrogenic trapping of gases and volatiles compounds at the head of an analytical Separation column. Cryo-trapping is used with sample introduction devices that slowly introduce volatile compounds to a GC or GC/MS. These devices include thermal desorption systems, headspace, and purge & trap units. Frontier Laboratories introduced the first MicroJet Cryo-Trap over ten years ago.


F-Search Software & Database

The qualitative analysis of unknown polymeric materials containing cross-linked or network polymers, are best characterized using the Multi-functional pyrolyzer that allows you to use techniques such as Py-GC, thermal desorption (TD)-GC and evolved gas analysis (EGA). However, interpretation of the pyrogram or EGA thermogram is a difficult task, requiring professional intuition and experience. With F-Search (Ver. 3.5). including over 500 additives and a Polymer library with 700 polymers you are best set for today's analytical challenge.

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