Preparative SFE/SFC System

Preparative SFE/SFC System


JASCO’s preparative SFE/SFC system features a versatile modular design and excellent performance.


The heart of the system is JASCO’S patented award-winning back- pressure regulator which allows control of system pressure regardless of solvent composition and flowrate. The pumping system is based on the proven performance of our 2000 series analytical SFE/SFC system and can deliver up to 120ml/min of CO2 and 60 ml/min of modifier and flush solvents at pressures up to 35 MPa (5000 psi). Injections can be manual or fully automated. Repetitive injections can be performed to overlay chromatographic runs. Detection choices include UV and/or CD with MS interface capability.

Fraction collection of up to 8 fractions by time, signal level and/or slope is standard. In addition, spectral purity monitoring of Chiral molecules using the g-factor output of the CD detector is standard with the CD detector option.


Up to 20 mm x 250 mm columns can be accommodated in the column oven while 30mm and larger columns can be used outside the oven.


SF-Nav Process control software is designed for fully automated operation, monitoring and recording of chromatograms, temperatures, and pressures.

SF-Nav for Preparative SFC

SF-Nav for Preparative SFC
System control program allows for control and management of all important parameters for preparative SFC such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, etc.

SF-NAV is software for the control and process management of SFE systems and preparative SFC systems. In addition to pumps, autosamplers, and detectors, it can also control automatic back-pressure valves and fractionation.


SF-NAV can monitor and save information such as temperature, pressure, and CO2 flow within the system during preparative isolation and the extraction process, making it useful when investigating fractionation and extraction conditions. It can also set fractionation and extraction conditions in line with the slope and threshold values of signals obtained from detectors and other devices, enabling full process automation for preparative isolation and extraction.

The program can display the operation state of units, icons that invoke processes by sample, and a monitor screen for chromatograms. This makes work related to SFE and preparative SFC easy to understand. Furthermore, it can batch save parameters including chromatograms, temperature, pressure, and CO2 flow and export them in ASCII format.

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