PREP 9100 State of the art Fraction collector for GC

Micro-Preparative techniques allows you to .......

Separate complexe mixtures and structural isomeres
Isolate impurities for identification or for use as standards
Collect components for further use e.g. NMR

The new PREP9100 System based on the SNIFFER 9100 System has been completely redesigned in order to fit to the future needs. The system now is available as a stand alone unit to be installed to any GC available on the Market. The PREP9100 System has been designed to be a dedicated Preparative System connected to any GC available on the market by using a flexible heated interface line to the preparative unit. The new Electronic- and Pneumatic design , based on the newest technologies allows the system to be as flexible as possible for the future needs and to protect your investements in the Laboratory.


New Electronics


  • All prep component imbedded
  • Full Software control
  • Transfer line temperature program
  • TCP/IP communication
  • Synchronization with autosampler and GC
  • Nose cone heater for mid to high boiler collections


Software features

  • Easy programming of the collections
  • Definition of the number of repetition (number of analysis)
  • System prevents GC to be ready to stop injection at the end of the analysis cycle
  • Fraction calculator: Predict the number of collection needed and end time
  • Manual control for method development and validation
    Turn vacuum pump On or Off
    Turn collection valve On or Off
    Move to next tube
    Move to home
  • Control of each individual movement


Collection program

  • Program the collection times for the desired tubes
  • Enter the number of analysis
  • Initiate the collections
  • Save / load programs
  • Get current program from the Prep


Fraction calculator

  • Calculation of the amount collected after a
  • set number of collections
  • Calculate the number of collections needed
  • to achieve a collected amount
  • Estimation of the duration of the process


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