Mineraloil migrating from the packing material to the food

Mineraloil in Packing material on SAT3


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Mineraloil in Packing material on SF1 


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Mineraloil in Packing Material on TSR1


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Mineraloil in Packing Material on BBC


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The Solution to Analyze this is

LC-GC 9000


Combining the power of HPLC and GC

Both GC and LC are widely used in today’s analytical lab. Each technique has its advantages. In recent years
HPLC has increased in range of application mostly because shorter sample preparation.

Yet GC still offers the best sensitivity and separation power.
The coupling of LC to GC offers the best of both world:

  • Simple sample preparation
  • Sample enrichment
  • High resolution of compounds
  • High sensitivity

In LC-GC technique, the sample is separated using typically NPLC (Normal Phase Liquid Chromatography).
The LC allows selective isolation of groups of compounds then transfer to the GC by mean of on-column large volume injection.

Following a long tradition of chromatography innovation and experience,
Brechbühler AG now commercializes Thermo’s LC-GC System.
Brechbühler brings exciting enhancement to the technique as well as its knowledge and excellent customer support.

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