MercuryMS™: Analytical Column Performance in Small Columns and Cartridges

  • Ultra-fast, low-cost analysis for high-throughput laboratories
  • Packed with Luna®, Synergi™, and Gemini® material
  • Short 10 and 20 mm cartridge formats use a new proprietary
    slurry packing process

Reduce analysis times by 60%

With the increasing emphasis on high sample troughput for screening combinatorial libraries as well as the need for overall faster cycle time, it has become necessary for the chromatographer to reduce analysis time while still maintaining acceptable resolution. As shown, retention times can be significantly reduced with a 20 x 4.0 mm MercuryMS cartridge column.

60% reducing in analysis time using MercuryMS:

Selecting a phase to maximize LC/MS sensitivity

Gemini, Synergi and Luna medias offer a range of hydrophobicities, polar selectivity and chemical stability needed to resolve complex sample mixtures as well as improve LC/MS results. Highly hydrophobic phases can increase LC/MS sensitivity as they allow analyte elution at higher organic concentrations. The ionization of analytes, and the accompanying MS signal, are enhanced when the analytes are eluted from the column and introduced to the MS in eluents high in organic (methanol, acetonitrile) content.

Hydrophobicity Scale for MercuryMS Phases: