TargetView™ GCMS reprocessing software for detecting target compounds

MassWorks™ now includes sCLIPS™, for improving formula ID on high resolution MS, and CLIPS™, enabling formula ID on unit resolution GC or LC/MS single or triple quadrupoles.


MassWorks™ is an easy-to-use post acquisition software package that utilizes Cerno’s patented MSIntegrity technology to achieve high mass accuracy and high spectral accuracy on conventional mass spectrometers of unit mass resolution. MassWorks sCLIPS now also provides high spectral accuracy through exact line-shape calibration without the need for standards. MassWorks integrates the powerful MSIntegrity calibration technology to obtain up to 100x improvement in mass accuracy on unit resolution systems and up to 99.9% spectral accuracy on both high and unit resolution systems in a fast and versatile MS software application package. By combining novel calibration techniques with sound mathematical principles, Cerno methodologies can provide significant improvements to all types of MS data, both high and low resolution. 


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