MS Services

We offer MS Services for.....

TSQ 8000, Quantum XLS, ISQ, DSQII, DSQ, PolarisQ, TRACE MS, MD800


Your Vacuum pump is down, your sensitivity is not as good as it should be, your detector doesn’t give you any signal or you are not sure what to do because your Chromatogram looks strange.

Our service department is eager to help you. Just call the Number 044 732 31 31 or send an E-Mail to our Service department.

If you are not sure which brand we Service.....

  • Carlo Erba Strumentazione
  • Carlo Erba Instruments
  • Fisons Instruments
  • ThermoFinnigan
  • ThermoQuest
  • Thermo Electron
  • Thermo Scientific

 ...those are the brand names we Service and many others more.

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Tel +41 44 732 31 31

Fax +41 44 730 61 41


Tel +41 21 625 58 10

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