Explore Luna PFP(2), Discover Selectivity

  • Multiple mechanisms for alternative selectivity
  • Orthogonal selectivity (to traditional C18 phases) for more hits in your method screening
  • Unique polar interactions for trace impurity identification

Luna PFP(2) offers powerful selectivity not common with traditional alkyl phases (C18, C8). This new Luna chemistry incorporates a pentafluorophenyl propyl ligand bonded to Luna silica. Luna PFP(2) uses several selectivity mechanisms (hydrogen bonding, dipole-dipole, and aromatic) in addition to hydrophobic interactions to greatly increase resolution of difficult compounds, including


  • Highly polar compounds
  • Complex natural products
  • Halogenated compounds
  • Isomeric compounds
  • Aromatic compounds



Pentaflourophenyl Propyl Ligand of Luna PFP(2)


Because Luna PFP(2) uses ultra-pure Luna silica as a base particle and undergoes extensive treatment and quality control, batch reproducibility and column ruggedness is excellent.


Luna PFP(2) complements the Luna family of chemistries and offers many separation advantages, which makes it ideal to use in all column screening methods.



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