Level Control

Safe monitoring of fluid levels - mechanical and electronic. Reliable protection against overflow and process interruptions by empty reservoirs. Available in multiple combinations, suitable for use with any chemicals!


Level Control Electronic

Level control without touching the container contents. Suitable for all kinds of non-conductive plastic containers.

The sensitivity of the sensor can be matched with different materials. The critical fluid level is indicated by LED and acoustic signal

Level Control - mechanical (integrated in Safety Waste Caps)

Safe level monitoring - space-saving and without electronics.
The red level floater indicates the critical fluid level - mechanically, without electronics- for solid safety. The tubing ports are available for multiple tubing sizes.

Safe Barrel Filling

Reliable protection against overflow during the filling. Fits into any barrel opening from 50 to 90mm diameter. With practical handhold, for easy use with gloves.

Available in other sizes on request. Please ask us for developing an individual solution for your laboratory, plant stations or repositories.

Containers with integrated Level Floater

Containers for safe fluid disposal. The floater indicates critical levels and avoids overflow. Capable for use with safety funnels.

Containers made of electroconductive PE-HD can be grounded and avoid electrostatic charge, especially designed for use in sensitive areas.

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