LC PAL Consumables and Accessories


Syringe kits

Syringes and Plungers

Trays, Tray sets and Holders

Tray cooler

Stack and stack cooler

Stack cooler, Injection Valves and Valve accessories

Injection Valves Cheminert

Valve accessories Cheminert, Injection Valve type Rheodyne

Valve accessories type Rheodyne, 4 fold injection valve, selector valve

Valve drive holder, Multiposition valve drive module, dual valve drive module

Triple valve drive module, Column switching valve module

Dilutor set, dilutor syringes

Maldi option, solvent reservoir, active wash station

Fast wash station, flow cell

Software and drivers, barcode reader, microtiterplate foiul cutter

Insrument Qualification and Tool kits

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