Key Features

Robotic Tool Change

With its robotic tool change capabilities the PAL RTC increases your laboratory productivity and widens the application range of one single instrument by using up to six different tools, even in one single cycle. Automatic, precise and repeatable sample prep steps provided by the robotic tool change are:

  • Sequential dilution
  • Calibration dilution
  • Standard addition
  • Derivatisations

Especially for GC & GC/MS application the robotic tool change offers automated switch of injection modes - Liquid Injection, Headspace and SPME within one sequence without the need of any manual operation.

Increased Vial Capacity

The extended working range for y-axis (255mm) enables processing up to 100% more samples in a single tray holder. 

  • Capacity:
  • 162x 2ml vials
  • 60x 10/20ml vials
  • 3x microtiter plates

With four Peltier Stacks up to 9'216 samples (384 MTP) or 1'269 2ml vials can be processed on one PAL RTC.

Bottom Sensing

The vial bottom sensing allows reliable aspirations of small volumes even out of a few microliter samples.Definable needle retraction distance - Example:

  • Injects up to 3x 1µl out of only 5µl total sample volume

Position Detection

Definable z-tolerance for detection of correct injector position or missing vials.

Cold Needle Injection

Faster GC injection times down to 100ms for reduced discrimination in Split and Splitless injections modes.

Vortex Mixer

For efficient mixing during liquid homogenization and extraction steps.Magnetic transportation

  • Standard vial sizes: 2ml / 10ml / 20ml
  • 1 additional slot for custom specific vials
  • Provides efficient 2-phase mixing