The JMS-S3000 is a leading analytical tool, suitable for changing research needs in areas of synthetic polymers, material science, and biological polymers.MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometer Incorporating a New Spiral TOF Ion Optic System Capable of High Resolution Mass Analysis over a Wide Molecular Weight Range.


The JMS-S3000 is a MALDI-TOF MS incorporating JEOL’s unique Spiral TOF ion optic system. Featuring unprecedented levels of mass resolution and sensitivity, the system has been acknowledged for its distinctive capabilities in many scientific studies.



Main Features

  • High mass resolution and sensitivity over a wide molecular weight range
    Since many of synthetic polymers and protein digests have varied molecular weight distributions, analysis of such samples requires high mass resolution and sensitivity in a wide molecular weight range. The JMS-S3000, incorporating JEOL’s unique Spiral TOF ion optic system, is superior to others in these areas.
  • Optional linear TOF
    This enables measurement of high molecular weight ions and analysis of samples subject to self-fragmentation.
  • Optional TOF/TOF
    This configuration enables MS/MS analysis by high energy collision-induced dissociation. The system, featuring a high precursor ion selection capability, allows the operator to select and monitor only monoisotopic ions in product ion spectral data. It is especially effective for analysis of complex product ion spectra.




(ACTH fragment 1-17[M+H]+: m/z 2093.1)

Mass resolution (internal reference)1 ppm (average error)
Mass accuracy (external reference)10 ppm (average error)

500 amol

S/N > 50 with standard stainless steel plate

LaserWavelength 349 nm (maximum 250 Hz)



Superior Spiral TOF Technology

Ion optical systems

The Spiral TOF ion optic system in the JMS-S3000 is superior to linear and reflectron ion optical systems. Utilizing the Perfect Focusing and Multi-Turn developed by Osaka University, the Spiral TOF ion optic system can focus ion packets per a given distance (a single layer of the spiral path). As a result, ion packets do not widen during flight and are focused at the detection surface when the length of flight is extended, achieving high mass resolution and accuracy as well as high ion detection efficiency.



Eliminating problems with delayed extraction

The JMS-S3000 compensates for a common problem with delayed extraction by using a conventional MALDI-TOF MS with an extended flight length, thus enhancing mass resolution and accuracy.

The ion optic system of MALDI-TOF MS combines two ion optic systems, one using delayed extraction (length to focus position L1: red line) and the other having kinetic energy convergence (length L2: blue line). Delayed extraction, while contributing significantly to enhancing mass resolution of MALDI-TOF MS, has a flaw that the mass range where it achieves high resolution is localized. This problem is solved by increasing the L2/L1 ratio (ratio of the blue line). The JMS-S3000, where L2 is longer than in any conventional reflectron TOF MS by an order of magnitude, can analyze samples at high mass resolution and at high mass accuracy by internal reference.



High resolution in a wide mass range

The JMS-S3000, by extending the length of flight, achieves high mass resolution and mass accuracy with an internal reference exceeding the levels in conventional MALDI-TOF in a wider mass range.



The JMS-S3000 is a MALDI-TOFMS with unsurpassed high mass-resolving power and high mass accuracy through its SpiralTOF technology. A solid-state laser is employed for achieving high throughput and low running costs.

With TOF-TOF option, precursor ions selected by SpiralTOF can be fragmented through high-energy collision-induced dissociation (high-energy CID). Product ions produced by high-energy CID are analysed with an offset parablic reflectron TOFMS, another innovative ion optical system developed by JEOL. With this option, the JMS-S3000 provides detailed structural information on the analyte molecules through high-energy CID product ion spectra, in addition to the high mass resolution, high mass accuracy mass spectra with SpiralTOF.

With linear TOF option, molecular ions of high molecular weight compounds such as proteins and synthetic polymers can be readily observed. Complementary information from spiral and linear modes meets diverse needs for the analysis of wide range compounds.

The JMS-S3000 with TOF-TOF option and linear TOF option exploits full capabilities of this innovative mass spectrometer, thus meeting all analytical needs.

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