Injection Tools

Liquid Syringe Tool

  • Supports 57mm or 85mm syringe needle lengths.
  • Syringes available: 1.2µ / 5µl / 10µl /100µl / 250µl / 500µl / 1'000µl / 10'000µl

Headspace Tool

  • Three different syringe volumes: 1'000µl / 2'500µl / 5'000µl
  • Syringe temp. 40°C up to 150°C in 1°C steps
  • Syringe flush with inert gas flow through X-Y-Z rail
  • Magnetic vial transport for 2ml, 10ml and 20ml vials

ITEX Dynamic Headspace Tool


  • Rapid and sensitive enrichment of volatile and semi-volatile compounds from solid, liquid and gaseous samples
  • A choice of different adsorbents for best sensitivities
  • No sample loops, transfer lines or valves, no contamination issues
  • PAL Robotic Tool Changes enables head space, SPME and ITEX-sampling within one sequence



  • SPME Fiber Conditioning Station (separate Module)
  • New SPME holder for increased fiber protection
  • Compatible with a variety of SPME fibers
  • Easy fiber exchange by hand
  • For 10mm or 20mm fiber length

Dilutor Tool


  • For the efficient and accurate addition of larger amounts of liquids
  • 100µL, 1mL, 5mL & 10mL dispensing syringes available
  • Optional selector valves allow dispensing of up to 5 different liquids


LC/MS Tool


  • The special design minimizes carryover even for the most sensitive detectors
  • Enables special injection techniques like sandwiching a sample between air gaps for accurate small volume injections
  • Flow control guarantees bubble-free solvent delivery
  • Position detection for zero dead volume positioning of syringe needle in the injector port