ISQ 7610 Single Quadrupole GC-MS System

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To stay ahead, analytical testing laboratories need the ultimate confidence of a GC-MS system that easily and reliably produces trusted results, day after day. For this, you can count on the Thermo Scientific™ ISQ™ 7610 Single Quadrupole GC-MS System. Simplified operation, automated workflows, and extended dynamic range deliver consistent results from system to system in every laboratory. Thermo Scientific™ NeverVent™ technology, extended-life detector, and intelligent software eliminate unnecessary downtime to maximize sample throughput. To ensure you are ready for any analytical challenge, the system is upgradeable from entry-level to advanced configurations. Now you can take the lead with rapid return on investment (ROI) for your regulated GC-MS analyses.


Increase instrument uptime

Eliminate unnecessary, unplanned instrument downtime and maximize productivity to achieve unprecedented efficiency, day after day. The ISQ 7610 Single Quadrupole GC-MS System combines robustness with the ability to change the GC column and clean the ion source without interrupting your analytical workflows.

Maximize sample throughput

When high sample throughput is essential, the system delivers results on time and with ease. Automated workflows and simplified instrument operation ensure every user produces consistent results, sample after sample. Extended linear range enables method consolidation so you can analyze more compounds at varying concentrations in a single run.

Realize rapid return on investment

Ensuring your system delivers results as soon as it’s installed is necessary to achieve rapid ROI. With built-in intelligence that simplifies instrument setup, analytical methods, and everyday operation, the ISQ 7610 Single Quadrupole GC-MS System is designed for accelerated deployment. Reduced needs for operator training and faster time to full productivity together with maximum sample throughput provide fast return on your instrument investment.

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