ISQ 7000 Single Quadrupole GC-MS System

Unstoppable GC-MS Routine Analysis


Routine laboratories working in food, environmental and forensic/ toxicology analysis face a dynamic environment of changing regulatory requirements, lower detection levels, more compounds, less time, lower margins and increased competition. In short, the analytical systems need to be unstoppable, your laboratory needs to be unstoppable.


The Thermo Scientific™ ISQ™ 7000 GC-MS system is a GC single quadrupole platform capable to boost laboratory efficiency and productivity through increased robustness combined with superior sensitivity to fulfill your most challenging analytical needs.


Developed to enhance the user experience in routine workflows, the ISQ 7000 GC-MS system is streamlined to ensure great data consistency over time while offering new automated instrument control tools for an unprecedented ease-of-use and a quick learning process, as required in a high-throughput laboratory.

The innovative technology of the ISQ 7000 GC-MS system is uniquely

designed to offer truly scalable performance that addresses increasingly

challenging regulatory requirements and offers more value through

future-proof investments.


Highly versatile configurations are tailored to satisfy your current and

future analytical needs for truly unstoppable performance.


Unstoppable sensitivity

Easily meet your required detection limits and consistently meet them even as you continue to run samples. It’s not only about how sensitive your system is when it first arrives, but how long you can continue to achieve your required performance levels. This is the true measure of productivity.


Achieving lower detection limits using a single quadrupole


GC-MS system requires breaking boundaries of noise – chemical noise, electronic noise, and neutral noise. Chemical noise and neutral noise contribute to higher backgrounds and affect detectability – the ability to distinguish a low-concentration target from noise. The quality design reduces chemical and neutral noise, allowing for lower detection limits and improved sensitivity.


The off-axis ion source with patented pre-filter, combined with a unique s-shaped ion guide, dramatically reduce the effects of excited helium neutrals reaching the detector by creating a curved path that the neutrals cannot navigate.

ExtractaBrite Ion Source

Robust, rugged electron ionization (EI) and chemical ionization (CI) performance – proven in routine applications in the ISQ 7000 GC-MS system. Fully removable without breaking vacuum for maintenance or switching to chemical ionization (CI). Also exchangeable with the unique V-lock source plug, enabling direct-connected GC column replacement & maintenance without venting the MS system.

Advanced Electron Ionization (AEI) Source

Discover the new ultra-robust, ultimate sensitivity electron ionization source available in a dedicated ISQ 7000 configuration. It features a highly efficient ionization of analytes and a more tightly focused ion beam, driving down instrument detection limits and assuring a higher level of robustness against possible contamination.


Thanks to the new AEI source, it is much easier to tackle the most challenging applications, as well as relieve matrix pressure on the analytical system, through the reduction of concentration steps in sample preparation. Because of its unique design, the AEI source woffers an extended robustness grade.

Unstoppable uptime

Re-think the way your lab operates with technology designed to keep you productive longer without interruption. Maintaining uptime during routine analysis drives service delivery and lowers overhead cost. 

The ISQ 7000 GC-MS system is designed to minimize maintenance intervals with routine-grade robustness and eliminate up to 98% of the downtime associated with

routine maintenance of a system. 

NeverVent™ technology*, Instant Connect modularity along with a high robustness design throughout ensures your instrument is still online and producing the highest quality results possible.

Unstoppable scalability

In an evolving environment, it is difficult to clearly see what challenges lie ahead with your analysis. In order

to be ready for the future, choosing a flexible GC single quadrupole system can make all the difference.

The ISQ 7000 GC-MS system has been designed to allow a full upgrade path from base to advanced configurations, boosting flexibility and performance anytime you need it.

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