I-GRAPH XP The Stationary Device for your Process

Process safety above everything!
The I-GRAPH XP represents an inte-grated analysis device for your process application. The compact body consists of an injector, a separation column, a weighted levenshtein distance (WLD) and an electric control.
Furthermore the complete gas analysis is integrated as one system through the pressure control, the bypass switching and the transfer pump. With this system gas mixtures can get analysed, identified and quantified.
The I-GRAPH XP is designed for the stationary operation. This permanent device provides data to an installed computer, which can transfer that data analogously or to a SPS control station. The downstream process can be controlled from the quick analyses.

With extremely short measure cycles the gas-chromatograph is the ideal solution for in-line gas analyses, which allow automatic control of the system. This automation of the analysis saves time and costs and is
moreover precise and efficient.
In real-time the I-GRAPH XP continually analyzes the quality of the process gases, the product transportation, the exhaust
gases as well as the product control in
general. The compact XP-construction is especially suitable for applications in the Ex-zone.

Technical Specifications:

  • Process integrated operation
  • Dimensions of the Ex-version:
    length 210 x width 461 x height 187 mm
  • Dimensions of the standard version:
    width 305 x height 150 x depth 280 mm
  • Weight of the Ex-version: about 12 kg
  • Weight of the standard version: 4 kg
  • Detector WLD
    Analysis time: 30s to 180s
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Max. analysis temperature: + 300°C
    Max. temperature ramp: 10K/s
  • Power consumption:
    averaged 12 W to max. 60 W
  • Sample gas volume: 0,05 µl to 6 µl
  • Sample gas inlet: over internal pump
    from -60 kPa to +60 kPa (-0,6 bar to +0,6 bar)
  • Carrier gas: helium, argon,(hydrogen)
  • External pressure of the carrier gas:
    100 kPa to 1000 kPa (1 to 10 bar)
  • Consumption of the carrier gas:
    100 µl/min for the thin-film column,
    500 µl/min for the packed column
  • Interface: RS-232, optional
    LWL OZDV 2471G/P or others
  • Sensitivity:
    10 ppm for the thin-film column,
    50 ppm for the packed column
  • Higher sensitivities available optionally
  • Gas connections:
    stainless steel, 1/16“ AD, threads UNF10/32, standard-ferrule 1/16“
  • Supply: +24 V DC, 8A
  • Setting temperature whilst the operation:relative air humidity <60%
  • Internal bypass-switching for the
    quick supply of the sample gas
  • Optional with 4x analog output 4-20 mA
  • Ex-approval: GOST/ATEX, II 2G Ex de IIC T5
  • Support for a two-channel operation (optional)
  • Display LCD background illuminated (optional)
  • Robust and process suitable measurement system
  • Mechanical rating IP 65

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