I-GRAPH XC the independent one

Why loosing precious time? Why risk having the sample change on the way into the laboratory? The times are over when samples must be brought to the lab - now the chromatograph can be brought to the sample gas!
The I-GRAPH XC is portable and esay to use. It uses methods created in the laboratory. The results are displayed immediately after a short period of taking measurements. The analysis is done automatically, quickly and economically.

Advantages of the I-GRAPH XC

  • Completely mobile, independent and automatic operation
  • Immediately operable through start/stop key
  • Very short, automatically time-controlled measuring cycles
  • Simple user interface
  • Comes with an on-board Windows operating system
  • Operation is controlled through a 10,4" touch display
  • Automatic data processing as well as data storage
  • No external gas carrier supply required
  • Qualitative and quantitative interpretation of analysis data
  • Individual In-line calibration
  • Runs on power supply and rechargeable batteries
  • Lightweigth
  • Device is based on the patents of INRAG AG as well as SLS Micro Technology GmbH
  • Can also operate with a solar panel

The I-GRAPH XC provides

  • Analysis of gas flow
  • Process control
  • Quality analysis
  • Environmental safety tests
  • Emission control

Emissions are discovered quickly to avoid airborne pollution!

Emissions of gases into the environment can quickly cause grave effects in term of resultant airborne pollutions. These can also occur far away from the emission place at a later time and it is very important  to localize the source and provide appropriate preventative measures.
The mobile I-GRAPH XC supports the work of specialists by providing results as soon as possible at the scene and can be applied in various situations.

Technical Specifications:

  • Mobile independent operation
  • Dimensions:
    length 350 x width 320 x depth 210 mm
  • Weight: about 11,5 kg inclusive supplies and shelter cap
  • Detector: WLD
  • Analysis time: 30s to 180s
  • Operating temperature: +2°C bis +55°C
  • Max. analysis temperature: + 300°C
  • Max. temperature ramp: 10K/s
  • Power consumption averaged:
  • 15 W to max. 150 W
  • Operating voltage: 12 to 24 V DC, 90 to 240 VAC with plug adapter
  • Sample gas volume: 0,05 µl to 6 µl
  • Sample gas inlet: statically insetfrom 50 kPa to 1000 kPa (0,5 to 10 bar)
  • Sample gas entrance: over internal
    pump from -60 kPa to +60 kPa
    (-0,6 bar to +0,6 bar)
  • Carrier gas: helium, argon (hydrogen)
  • Disposable cartridge of the carrier gas: 100 ml/10 bar sufficient for 1 to 4
    weeks permanent operation dependant to the column type
  • External pressure of the carrier gas:
    100 kPa to 1000 kPa (1 to 10 bar)
    Consumption of the carrier gas:
    100 µl/min for the thin-film column,
    500 µl/min for the packed column
  • Interfaces: USB, ethernet 10/100 base, WLAN optional
  • Sensitivity:
    10 ppm for the thin-film column,
    50 ppm for the packed column
  • Higher sensitivities are available optionally
  • Flue gas connection by precision quick connect system:
    - External carrier gas
    - Sample gas inlet 1
    - Sample gas inlet 2
    - Gas vent (sample and carrier gas)
  • Stores chromatograms
  • Active column cooling, which allows a lower starting temperature
    than the ambient temperature
  • Mechanical rating IP 44

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