Hydrogen Generator

Hydrogen Generator from Domnick Hunter

Gas Generators

Eliminate high pressure hydrogen cylinders from the laboratory
by generating a continuous source of UHP hydrogen gas for applications such as:

  • GC-carrier gas
  • THA


  • Continuous supply of GC quality hydrogen gas on demand
  • Ultra compact design
  • Improved productivity and chromatography results - Hydrogen is a faster carrier gas and more sensitive when compared to helium, reducing analysis times by 25 to 35% without significant loss of resolution
  • Extended column life - Hydrogen, when used as a carrier gas, requires lower elution temperatures and thus improves the column service life
  • Safety - Hydrogen production at low pressure and only when required, eliminates the risks of explosion. Eliminates problems relating to handling gas cylinders.
  • Improved laboratory safety - Through automatic leak and low water detection, remote start/stop/alarm and elimination of long gas lines
  • Economy - No gas cylinder rental, no price inflation
  • Increased efficiency in the laboratory - 24 hour operation; no interruption of analysis due to cylinder changes
  • No caustic solutions required
  • Recommended by major instrument

Technical Features

  • Self test fault diagnosis with digital display and audible alarm: detection of internal and external H2 leaks, H2 overpressure, water level, water conductivity, display of H2 product flow and total flow
  • Simplified use and attention by easy access to maintenance components (desiccant cartridge and de-ionisation cartridge)
  • Improved independent operation due to its 5 litre water tank
  • Automatic water filling (optional feature)
  • Generator protected against the harsh lab environment by means of domnick hunter patented filters (avoids rapid degradation of the generator water quality and thus increases service life)

How the generator works

domnick hunter hydrogen generators use a special ion exchange membrane to produce a flow of ultra-pure hydrogen. Use of the electrolytic dissociation process enables water to be broken down into hydrogen and oxygen.
The oxygen is released into the air, while the hydrogen is retained to form the product flow. A long-life desiccant cartridge purifies the hydrogen even further so that it attains the desired grade of purity and ensures constant reproducible results. Having proved its worth in thousands of systems throughout the world, this technology eliminates the need to use liquid electrolytes, such as caustic solutions; since it only uses de-ionised water and electricity, continuous operation is assured.

H2 Generator schematic diagram

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H2 Generator Technical Specification

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