H2 Sensor Serie 9100 for TRACE 1300/1310 Series GC


  • Modular design
  • installed in 3 minutes
  • Quick connect


Active system

  • Continuous monitoring even if the oven fan is off


Fully integrated in TRACE 1300/1310 GC

  • The Thermo Scientific TRACE 1300/1310 Series GC firmware includes the H2 sensor

H2 Sensor Series 9000 for all GC's

Get all the benefits of hydrogen as carrier gas....
Take no chances

If you want to take full advantage of the power of High Resolution Gas chromatography for your analytical results, then hydrogen will be in most cases the carrier gas of choice. Its low viscosity and excellent mass transfer capabilities results in shorter run times and better separation performances.


Beside this hydrogen costs about 75% less then helium of comparable quality.


The only drawback is the danger of explosion in case of a leak in the column oven.


Take no chances Install  an H2-Sensor in your gas chromatograph! 

The H2-Sensor will continuously monitor the atmosphere in the GC-oven. If the present threshold level is exceeded, an audible alarm is alerted and the alarm starts blinking. The oven is immediately shut off and the cooling flap opens. In addition the system can switch to nitrogen if a gas switching valve is provided.
This will also happens in a event of power failure.
In case of malfunction of the unit, the operator will be alerted by an external alarm (optional)

Passive system: 

The most of the GC's available on the market have a slight overpressure. This overpressure is used to assure
the gas flow trough the sensor head.
Active system: 

If no overpressure is available in the GC the active system is available. A small fan is installed in the sensor head 
To assure the gas flow trough the sensor head.

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