Grabber DW-96

Automated Transport of 96 well plates ...

  • Transport of 96 well plates
  • Automatic solvent transfer to 96 well plates
  • Shaker up to 5’000 rpm
  • Optional heater


Add solvent to 96 well plate

Pick-up Grabber DW-96

Place 96 well plate on shaker or centrifuge

Automated Transport of anything you can think of ...

  • Transport any item fitting the 96 well plates format
  • Customized workflow available on request
  • System delivered with standard tasks
  • Options available:
    96 well plates Centrifugation up to 2’000 g
    Heated shaker
  • All PAL options available such as:
    Bar code reader
    Injection into LC (LC/MS) system
    And much more