Extended pH stability with high performance

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Gemini Two-In-One Technology™


Twin™ Technology


During the final stage of silica manufacturing a unique silica-organic layer is grafted to create a completely new composite particle. Since the internal base silica is unaltered by this manufacturing process, the particle retains its mechanical strength and rigidity along with excellent efficiency, while the silica-organic shell protects the particle from chemical attack.


NEW: With the new Gemini-NX, Phenomenex even improved this performance.

Available phases

Gemini® C18

  • Particle Size: 3, 5 and 10 µm
  • Application: small molecules, basic compounds
  • Strength: wide pH stability, high efficiency

Gemini® C6-Phenyl  

  • Particle size: 3 and 5 µm
  • Application: aromatic, polar or basic compounds
  • Strength: High aromatic selectivity with exceptional peak shape even in neutral conditions. Extremly low bleed phenyl column.