A new standard in pH method development

The HPLC separation of ionizable compounds just got easier. A new standard in pH method development, Gemini-NX uses unique grafted organo-silica layers on a pure silica core. This provides pH stability where you need it the most, allowing you to create more robust methods across the pH range.

Introducing Gemini-NX

Gemini-NX is a new standard in high efficiency, pH method development for HPLC. This new technology creates longer lasting columns, more rugged methods, and positively impacts laboratory productivity.

Second-Generation TWIN-NX™ Technology

Gemini-NX uses an improved patent pending organo-silica grafting process which incorporates highly stabilizing ethane cross-linking. These organic groups are evenly incorporated into the grafted layers on the silica surface while maintaining a pure silica core. This not only provides resistance to high pH attack, but also maintains the high efficiency and mechanical strength of a silica particle.


The uniform TWIN-NX grafting technology presents an ordered surface silane distribution. This provides homogeneously active bonding sites ideal for low pH resistant, multi-point ligand attachments.

Extended Lifetime

Gemini-NX is significantly more rugged under harsh mobile phase environments than Gemini. Although Gemini still provides good stability, Gemini-NX is the recommended choice when working with extreme mobile phase pH.