With over 50 years of experience Brechbühler AG can now offer GC and LC columns from different manufacturer, we are able to make you customized quotations based on our sales and support team with their highly expertise in columns and consumables business.

A company with tradition and future

MACHEREY-NAGEL stands for innovative and creative solutions which we have a penchant for developing in-house. In addition to the “traditional” departments, such as research, production, sales and media design, we also have departments such as mechanical engineering and device development as well as our own joinery.


Our products are among the world’s most reliable analytical systems. They are used, for example, in industry, healthcare, biotechnology, environmental analysis and research. Numerous patents and international certifications underscore the high quality of our products and the competence of our employees.

Expect easy, reliable, and innovative products to solve your chromatographic analysis challenges.

The collective power of chromatography


A partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific gives you the collective power of technology, methods and workflows to serve a wider range of industries and applications – ensuring you and the communities you serve are completely confident in the results.

MEGA manufactures Gas Chromatrography Capillary Columns from over 35 years.

His founder, Mario Galli, has more than 45 years of experience in Gas Chromatography technique, both in analytical and instrumentation fields. He worked in the very early years of capillary columns appearance side-by-side with Professor Kurt Grob to develop the procedures for making glass and fused silica GC capillary columns.


Today MEGA offers a wide range of products and GC Capillary Columns, the quality of which is guaranteed by testing each individual column using the Grob Test Mixture that confirms the high efficiency of our products. The MEGA's catalog includes GC-MS low bleeding columns, FAST and Ultra-FAST GC columns and solutions for Multidimensional and GCxGC Comprehensive techniques. Moreover MEGA produces the most efficient GC capillary columns with cyclodextrines-based stationary phases for enantiomeric chiral separations (MEGA-DEX Columns Line). We offer the possibility to completely customize the product, producing ad-hoc special columns to solve your specific analytical problem. We test your sample for you!

Trajan Analytical

We are a key partner in producing critical components and materials for analytical workflow and measurement.


A global provider of engineered components and advanced technologies with a strong heritage in chromatography and mass spectrometry.


Our aim is to design and deliver a broad portfolio of comprehensive analytical tools to improve laboratory performance and enhance confidence in results. This organization is built from the foundations of SGE Analytical Science.

JASCO LC Columns

JASCO is a leading supplier of highly sophisticated analytical laboratory instrumentation. For already 50 years JASCO has manufactured optical and analytical instrumentation with a very high grade of precision and accuracy.