GC-O the state of the art....

GC-Olfactometry Method for Food, Flavor and Fragrances


GC-O refers to Gas Chromatography coupled with Olfactometry. A human (panelist) is one of the detectors and works in parallel with a GC detector. GC-O combines human perception and scientific response to help professionals link chemical compound to the emotional sense elicited by the said compounds.


It allows one to characterize the flavors and fragrances and identify specific chemical

compounds within them.


GC-O exhibits powerful capabilities that can be applied to flavors and perfumes, as well as to any odoriferous products (e.g. pollutants) The Sniffer 9100 System is designed to be a dedicated Sniffing-port as a stand alone unit to be

connected to any GC available on the market. It is also available as a complete system.



GC-Olfactometry theory is simple to understand. By installing at the end of a chromatographic column a split, the sample is splitted between the FID Detector and the nose.


The peak/odor impression correlation will then be performed by specialized fragrance chemists.


At the heart of the Sniffer 9100 GC-O system is the dedicated GC/Olfactometer heated Interface.


Brechbühler has over 46 years experience in implementing hyphenated techniques by using special designed interfaces.

Years of Experience!...

The Sniffer 9100 System is engineered to transfer the effluentpreserving the entire high resolution available on capillary gas chromatography and is chemically inert to preserve the chemical identities.


The mechanical interface is manufactured from a single piece of stainless steel tubing heated by direct current.


The tube is profiled to give a uniform temperature profile.


The chemical compound are transported to the nose using a deactivated fused silica.Humid air is added around the transfer fused silica to add comfort to the panelist and prevent nasal dryness.

FID & Odorogram...

The Chromatograms show the FID trace (top left),the Odor intensity (Odorogram) (top right) and the overlay of the two traces ( here below).


The human nose can be more sensitive to certain compounds than the FID. 


Some compounds are detected only on the “odorogram”. Compoundswith low or no odor are detected only on the FID as shown on the overlay here below.

GC-Olfactometry - It‘s all about...


One of the challenge in GC-O is the identification of odors eluting. 

The main detector in GC-O is the human nose. 

To get accurate results, the panelist must remain focused.



The Sniffer 9100 Series has been designed to offer maximum comfort.

It offers a comfortable working position away from any source of heat

Test and training kit

To help you get the best of your system, we have developed a Test and Training kit.

This kit is ideal for beginners. 

In a few injections, you get a good sense of what to expect from the GC-O. 

It includes the column, compound mix and documentation


Tablet option

• 1 programmable temperature program with

• Initial time in minutes from 1 to 599 minutes by step of 1 minute

• Temperature Ramp: form 5°C/min to 50°C/min by step of 1°C/min

• Final time in minutes from 1 to 599 minutes by step of 1 minute


Touch areas programmable by software:

• Text displayed and fonts

• Color of the area

• Value of the area when touched (in % of full scale)

• Zero offset programable in % of full scale for touch areas



• Definition of user name

• Change user from the main window


Fingerspan option

• Digital fingerspan with touch screen technology

• Programmable for each of the users created

• Set 0 and 100 % according to the finger span of each user

• Signal generated according to output range set

Sniffer 9100 Series Specification...

Interface of 80cm or 140 cm, up to 3 Sniffer 9100 Systems on one GC (optional)


Electronic dimensions 350 x 375 x 195mm


• LAN communication via TCP/IP



• Odor intensity marker

• Signal output range selectable by software:

   0 to 1 Volts

   0 to 5 Volts

   0 to 10 Volts


• I/O Signals for synchronization

   Start in to start the sniffer program

   Stop in to stop the sniffer program

   Ready out signal available to indicate the sniffer ready status

   Inhibit ready in signal available to prevent sniffer from going to ready stats

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