Direct Sample Probe: Flexibility beyond expectation

The Direct Sample Probe system for the DSQ and PolarisQ GC/MS  is ideal for qualitative or semi-quantitative analysis of materials that are difficult, or impossible to elute chromatographically. For rapid and reliable analysis, the direct sample probe is an alternative that reduces or eliminates sample preparation. Moreover, this technique requires a minimal sample amount for testing.


Direct Probe Features:

The system includes either a Direct

Exposure Probe (DEP) with a heated

filament for liquids or solutions or a

Direct Insertion Probe (DIP) with

heated capillary tube for solid samples.


Direct Exposure Probe (DEP)

Rapid heating filament for liquids or

solutions. The DEP is ideal for rapid

molecular weight confirmation of solids

dissolved in a suitable solvent.


• Direct Insertion Probe (DIP)

Slower volatilization with heated capillary

tube for solid samples. The DIP can be

utilized for rapid analysis of solids or

trace components in solid matrices, like

forensic samples, tissue,ect.

Analysis of highly polar, thermally labile

   solid or liquid compounds
Compatible with all modes of ionization
   and mass analysis
Switch to probe in under three minutes
   with GC interface undisturbed

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