GC Autosampler
Thermo Scientific
PAL System by CTC Analytics

A wide range of GC Autosampler from:

Thermo Scientific, CTC Analytics and Frontier Lab

Headspace, SPME, ITEX, Pyrolyzer, Thermodesorption and Liquid samplers are available.


TriPlus RSH

Triplus RSH a step ahead in automated sampling

PAL System

PAL RTC Sample Prep Automation Systems

The solution for both high throughput and QA/QC control.

TryPlus 300 Headspace Autosampler

TriPlus 300 Headspace Autosampler

TriPlus 500 GC Headspace Autosampler

Frontier Lab

Pyrolysis, Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA), Multi-step Thermal Desorption (TD)

Thermal Desorber from Markes International

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