GC Ancillary Products

Customized solutions from Brechb├╝hler AG.


With over 40 years of Experience we can provide you with specialised solutions which fits to your needs.

GC-Olfactive systems, Micro-Preparative systems, Total Volatile Analyzers, Hydrogen Sensor and many more. Checkout this section to find the solution for your needs.



Combining the power of HPLC and GC

GC-O Sniffer 9100

Gas Chromatography Olfactometry, GC-O at its best

PREP 9100

Separate and collect complexe mixtures and structural isomeres

Advanced GC

Column Switching, Variable Split devices and Cryofocusing systems

H2 Sensor

Get all the benefits of hydrogen as carrier gas....
take no chances.

Whisper 9000

Make your lab a quiet place

CLSA 9000

The cost effective alternative to Purge and Trap systems

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