Heracles II

Heracles II, The most powerful and flexible Electronic Nose yet with unique combination of features:

  • Two different metal capillary columns in parallel
  • Two Flame Ionisation Detectors coupled to the columns
  • Embedded cooled trap

It achieves:

  • Aroma profiling and characterization correlated to sensory analysis
  • Chemical compounds separation, identification and quantification following GC accepted principles

Unsurpassed Performance

Fast analysis without compromise on resolution

  • fast column heating rates: up to 10°C/s
  • Short cycle time: typically 5-8 min

High sensitivity

  • Peltier-cooled adsorption trap provides enhanced sensitivity for highly volatile components (low picogram range)

Excellent repeatability

  • Relative Standard Deviation better than 0.3% on retention times and better than 3% on peak areas

Powerful & user-friendly software

Unique and easy to use functionalities

  • Multivariate statistical package for simplified data analysis
  • Multiple graphical tools for fast comparison of entire aroma profiles

Customizable data processing tools

  • Qualitative models for products comparisons based on quality, origin, supplier, batch.
  • Quality control charts for product conformity checking
  • Quantitative models for the prediction of flavor/odor intensity, chemical concentration or odor unit
  • Shelf life models for aging profiles and follow-up of stability

AroChemBase: Kovats Indices library

  • Chemical characterization with sensory features display
  • More than 230'000 entries and 44'000 compounds available, sorted by application area or chemical family
  • Link with NIST database included
  • Ability to enrich the database by including your own data

What can Heracles II Analyzer do for you ?

- Conformity & Quality control

- Batch to batch consistency testing

- Off-odor investigation

- Process optimization / monitoring

- Shelf-life & stability follow-up

- Competition benchmarking

- Candidate formulations screening

- Correlation with sensory panel analysis


within the following areas:

  • Petrochemical & Chemical
  • Plastic & Packaging
  • Food & Beverages
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Personal care products
  • Environment

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