FT/IR 4000 Series

The JASCO FT/IR-4600 and FT/IR-4700 were designed to provide operational features and sensitivity levels found only in more expensive instruments. The most complete selection of FT-IR capability from education and routine analysis to high
performance research systems with standard automatic validation. Innovative technology results in an exceptionally high signal-to-noise ratio. Both models offer excellent operational flexibility and can be easily upgraded to meet new requirements. Expandable capabilities include microanalysis using an FT-IR microscope, IR imaging, and a second detector. The JASCO Quick Start System enables users of all experience levels to measure samples and perform data processing functions quickly and easily with a simple push of a button.

The JASCO FT/IR-4000 Series consists of two distinct models, the FT/IR-4600 and FT/IR-4700. Each model offers reliable operation with the highest signal-to-noise ratio for this instrument class.


  • FT/IR-4600  Resolution 0.7 cm-1,  S/N ratio 25.000:1
  • FT/IR-4700  Resolution 0.4 cm-1,  S/N ratio 35.000:1
  • IQ accessories: electronic auto-recognition system
  • PC communication and control using USB
  • Rapid scan capability
  • IR Imaging with IRT-7000 multi-channel microscope
  • IR Microscope with IRT-5000 or IRT-1000
  • Improved Water Vapor and CO2 Compensation
  • Search function with 10,000 spectra library KnowItAll, JASCO Edition

FT/IR 6000 Series

The new FT/IR-6000 series (FT/IR-6600, FT/IR-6700 and FT/IR-6800) comprises a top of the line research grade FT-IR instrument series from JASCO.  The FT/IR-6000 series attains the highest performance level in its class with exceptional signal-to-noise ratio specifications.  All models in the series are designed with flexibility and expandability in mind making them suitable for a wide range of research applications.


The FT/IR-6000 series is capable of measuring from the Near IR (25,000 cm-1) to Far IR (10 cm-1) without manual operations.  The working range is automatically adjusted thanks to Automatic Beam Splitter and Windows changer. Up to three different light sources and five different detectors (including Composite Silicon Bolometer detector) can be utilized to optimize performance in any region. Switchover between sources and detectors is automated by the PC.


The top of the line FT/IR-6800 is equipped with Gold optical surfaces for FT-Raman and 20Hz rapid scan capability. Step scan and full-vacuum options are also available for all models in this series.
The FT/IR-6000 Series is controlled by JASCO’s exclusive Spectra ManagerTM II cross-platform software. This enables the instruments to be operated with other complimentary spectroscopic techniques and provides complete 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with Spectra ManagerTM CFR.

• Highest S/N ratio in the world. 55,000:1  for FT/IR-6800
• Rapid Scan 20Hz standard for FT/IR-6800
• FT-Raman upgrade
• Step scan capability for time-resolved studies
• Evacuable interferometer or fully evacuable system including sample and detector  compartments is available
• IR Imaging with IRT-7000 multi-channel microscope
• IR Microscope with IRT-5000 or IRT-1000
• Search function with 10,000 spectral library KnowItAll, JASCO Edition