Microscope IRT 5000/7000

JASCO is proud to release two innovative FT-IR Microscope, the IRT-5000 and IRT-7000, providing several new functions that drastically improve infrared micro-spectroscopy analysis. Both microscope systems can be easily interfaced with either the FT/IR-4000 or FT/IR-6000 spectrometer, offering the most advanced microscopy and imaging systems available in the market today. Coupling JASCO's proven technology for infrared spectroscopy and with the most advanced optical design, the IRT-5000 and 7000 offer the best solution for even the most challenging sample analyses. JASCO's new FT-IR microscope systems feature an innovative capability for sample analysis, "IQ Mapping". This function enables automated multi-point mapping, line mapping and IR Imaging analyses of a microscopic area with a manual sample stage and a single element detector. The microscope system automatically scans the specified points or area, rapidly collecting a full spectrum of each point without moving the sample stage. The IQ Mapping function can provide a measurement of a maximum area of 400 µm square using the 16× cassegrain objective. The combination of IQ Mapping with the automated XYZ stage provides a wide area analysis capability.


The IRT-5000 FT-IR Microscope employs a mid-band MCT detector as standard, while up to two detectors can be installed simultaneously to expand the spectral range of the microscope. The standard "IQ Mapping" function allows multi-point, line, area and ATR mapping experiments without moving the sample stage, in addition to single-point measurements. An optional automatic X-Y-Z sample stage enables auto-focus and mapping analysis of a large sample area. With the addition of a linear array detector, the microscope can be easily upgraded for IR imaging in the field.


  • IQ Mapping without moving sample stage
  • Dual detector capability and user replaceable detectors
  • Multiple objective capability and automatic switching
  • Exceptional visual observation quality
  • IQ Monitoring for simultaneous observation of the spectrum and sample image
  • Spectrum preview to check conditions before measurement
  • Data storage linked with sample image and aperture information


A wide range of optional accessories is available. The microscope system can be optimized for sample application requirements.

  • 5.7 inch TFT color display or Binocular
  • Joystick for automated stage control
  • Wavelength extension options
  • ATR objectives and pressure sensor
  • Grazing angle objective and IR polarizer
  • Sample purge and vacuum options
  • Sample observation options (Visible polarizer, Fluorescence observation, Refractive objectives (10×, 20×), etc.)

A full-featured software package, Spectra Manager II provides convenient automatic functions and simplified operational procedures to minimize manual operations. Powerful data processing functions include 2-D and/or 3-D visualization of chemical information with all standard manipulation of spectral data.


  • Superior user-friendly graphical interface
  • Auto-focus/auto-illumination
  • Registration of commonly used aperture settings
  • Automatic recognition of microscope objectives
  • Thumbnail display(memorizing the sample position with focus and aperture information)
  • Spectrum preview to check conditions before measurement
  • IQ Monitoring for simultaneous observation of the spectrum and sample image
  • Data storage linked with sample image and aperture information
  • Report publishing capability (JASCO Canvas)


Sample compartment microscope for FT/IR


The Irtronµ sample compartment microscopy system is designed to
provide affordable analysis of microscopic samples with the high
performance features of an external FT-IR microscope accessory. The
Irtronµ offers unprecedented convenience and ease of use, compatible
with the JASCO FT/IR-4000 and 6000 Series FT-IR instruments. The
microscope accessory installs into the spectrometer sample
compartment in seconds without optical alignment. The state-of-the-art
optical design guarantees high throughput for highly sensitive
measurements of samples approaching 20 microns.

  • Transmittance, reflectance and ATR (option) measurement modes
  • DLATGS, MCT or NIR optimized detector
  • Unique SmartMonitorTM function allows sample observation during spectrum preview
  • Five inch TFT LCD monitor for sample observation
  • Optional sampling accessories for liquid and powder samples
  • Affordable, easy-to-use microscopy system


JASCO's unique SmartMonitorTM function allows sample observation during preview of sample spectra. This function allows selection of the best sample position while monitoring the IR spectrum in real time.