FlashSmart Elemental Analyzer

A single CHNS/O, NC, N/Protein Analyzer handling all applications

Superior elemental analysis that grows with your needs

Lead the way in elemental analysis with

a single instrument handling all applications.


You and your team can solve more laboratory challenges, improve workflow and minimize downtime.


The Thermo Scientific™ FlashSmart™ Elemental Analyzer (EA), based on the modified Dumas Method, is a flexible solution that expands your CHNS/O analysis with over 20 configurations in one system.


Powerful software supports automated and precise reports, making everything easier for you and your team.

THE Elemental Analyzer...all in one

Why choose the FlashSmart EA?

The confident choice

  • Precise and reliable system that delivers
    accurate results
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to use for reduced need for staff training
  • Modern design combines simple user input with
    dedicated software features
  • Better return on investment as the system is modular
    and grows with your analytical requirements


  • Gas chromatographic method for real-time view of
    the analytical process and pathway: anytime, anywhere
  • Streamlined sample preparation without the
    need for dangerous chemicals as Kjeldahl Method
  • Complete EA software for effortless operation: virtually
    the most complete EA dedicated software


  • Over 20 configurations in one instrument:
    no need for software or hardware upgrade
  • Different autosamplers can be accepted on the
    same analyzer
  • Coupling capabilities with Flame Photometric
    Detector (FPD), for trace sulfur analysis, and with
    Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS)
  • Higher sample throughput and automation with
    the Thermo Scientific™ MultiValve Control (MVC)
    Module, without manual intervention
  • Operates with helium and argon as carrier gas


  • Unattended operation of the FlashSmart EA: analyses
    can run 24/7 for complete results anytime, anywhere
  • Dedicated Thermo Scientific™ EagerSmart™ Data
    Handling Software controlling all analytical
    parameters, Thermo Scientific™ OxyTune™ Function,
    solid and liquid autosamplers, MVC Module and
    FPD Detector
  • Lower cost per analysis and greater productivity


  • Certified and uncompromised precision and accuracy for a wide range of applications, from research to routine analysis
  • Compliance with most recognized EA Official Methods:AOAC, AOCS, AACC, ASTM, ASBC, ISO, EN, CEN,EPA, IFFOOEA
  • CookBook with thousands of determinationsand methods for optimal results
  • IQ/OQ Qualification available


  • Robust, specially designed features that you can
    rely on for decades
  • GC separation column operating for years without
    the need for replacement: it is not a consumable
  • 15-year warranty on combustion/reduction furnaces
    and TCD detector
  • Long term investment for your laboratory, which
    guarantees reliability and accuracy of analysis


Access more applications: become the reference laboratory in your field

No matter which direction you take, your lab and equipment will be able to adapt to support any strategy.


Flexible systems enable you to react to the new, whilst delivering accurate and reproducible results. With the FlashSmart EA your lab can easily handle varying sample types, obtain from 1 to 5 element determinations and achieve maximum sample throughput.

Upgrade your system for Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry

Demand is growing for multi-element isotope analysis for applications in geoand

environmental sciences, ecology, food authenticity and forensics. The versatile

Thermo Scientific™ EA IsoLink™ IRMS System, including the Flash IRMS™ Elemental Analyser and Thermo Scientific™ Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer allows you to easily obtain isotopic data from all sample types.

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